The 2016 season once again kicked off with the D’Abernon Cup. The Pilgrims’ pair of James Sewry and Max Plummer had never met, let alone played together prior to the first round of the 2016 D’Abernon Cup. Therefore, producing the tennis that would be required to beat the other teams was always going to be difficult.  Playing on the slightly quick acrylic courts of St George’s College, Surrey, we first came up against UCS Old Boys.  After a positive start, we faltered.  Worryingly, a few quick glances across the other courts showed that the UCS Old Boys might be one of the weaker pairs.  Alas, we were confirmed in our estimation, and, despite some brief glitters of truly excellent play, such as Plummer’s majestic backhand half-volley drop shot (played behind his back) and Sewry’s down-the-line forehand drive volley, picked up from off the floor, the Pilgrims pair lacked consistency, and, to much disappointment, finished bottom of the group.  The Old Millfieldians and KCS Old Boys qualified. To perform better, we ought to have been more mentally resilient (a few chances to convert a 40-0 lead were squandered), as well as being more familiar with their partner’s game.
The rest of the 2016 season consisted of a match against the School during The OS weekend in May and a match against Sherborne Tennis Club during Commem. The match against the School ended in a tight loss for the Pilgrims’ pairs made up of James Sewry and Nick Lamb, Charlie Grant-Peterkin and Richard Bramble, Peter Sclater and Chris Grant-Peterkin. This was the first loss against the School for a few years and we’ll certainly enjoy having Henry Field on our side next year. We had better luck against the Tennis Club with a resounding victory from a strong team made up of James Sewry and Nick Lamb , Peter and Charlie Hoare and Andrew Crowe and Ed Leakey.
2017 Season
We have already played our first fixture of the 2017 season in early April in the qualifying round of the D’Abernon Cup at St George’s College. A couple of years ago, James Sewry and Nick Lamb did manage to win through in this round of the competition which was a first  for the Pilgrims. However, Nick Lamb  had also played with Charlie Grant-Peterkin a number of times in this competition without success and, with this in mind,Lamb instead invited Charlie’s brother Chris. Unfortunately, despite a competitive day, it did not prove to be an effective tactic so perhaps, next year, we need to move on to the third brother or a completely different family.
The other fixtures arranged for 2017 will be the match against the School on Sunday 14th May and the match against the Sherborne Tennis Club at Commem on Saturday 1st July.
Post Commem 2016, James Sewry will be taking over the managing  of Pilgrims Tennis so hopefully he can take the team to new heights and together with players such as Henry Field bring a winning mentality to the D’Abernon Cup.
Please do get in touch with either James or I, if you would like to get involved in future Pilgrims fixtures. We look forward to hearing from you.

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