Lost 4-5.

At Commemoration the Pilgrims dusted off their racquets and grass court shoes to face Sherborne Tennis Club.  Taking place in sweltering conditions, it was agreed that only one set would be played against each pair, lest players melt in the heat.  The Pilgrims were able to boast a number of recent leavers amongst their line-up: Henry Field, George Clifford, and Hugo Pralle (all of whom left within the past three years), and which was completed by James Sewry, Charlie Grant-Peterkin and Richard Downard.

Things started well for the Pilgrims.  After the first round of rubbers we were 2-1 up.  By the end of the second, however, owing to one victory and two losses, the overall score stood at 3-3.  This match, it would seem, would go down to the wire.  After a slow start, Field and Sewry won their final rubber to complete a suite of victories.  Clifford and Pralle, however, succumbed 6-1.  The overall score now stood at 4-4.  Could the experience of Grant-Peterkin/Downard shine through to snatch victory from their more youthful opposition, and thereby ensure a Pilgrims win for two consecutive years?  Despite some fantastic net-play and good team chemistry, it was sadly not to be, with the pair eventually losing 7-5.

So, in the end, a 5-4 loss for the Pilgrims.  Nonetheless, the standard of tennis was consistently high throughout the afternoon, with teams proving an even match for each other.  The Pilgrims will return next year hungry for revenge…