Our brief squash season started with the first round of the Londonderry Cup in November against Harrow at The Hurlingham Club. Our team of Nick Lamb , Al Robertson, Justin Gulston, Tom Morgan and Dominic Scaglioni certainly stood a chance of winning this one. Both Tom and Dom lost close matches but Al’s competitive spirit meant that he fought through an extremely fiery and entertaining encounter against an opponent who thought a let could be requested at any time whether deserved or not. In the next game, unfortunately, after winning the first,Lamb pulled his hamstring and so tried to depend on his racket skills and soft hands. Those who know him will know that this has never been his forte and he has always preferred to depend on his legs so he could only scrape one more game. This left Justin to win through in the dead rubber. This meant a third season in a row with an early defeat in the Londonderry Cup after many seasons of being one of the ‘teams to beat’.
The only other fixture that has been played this year was against the School in March 2017. The slighter older local stalwarts of our squad played this one with Nick Lamb, Patrick Macintosh, David Leakey, Mike Eliot and Jonathan Powe representing the Sherborne Pilgrims. All the Pilgrims won their matches but the boys appeared a little more competitive and, promisingly, a lot more enthusiastic.
Will Pope will be taking over the Pilgrims Squash in the 2017/18 season. He has already expressed an interest in organising a small Pilgrims tournament in the early season in London and a couple of friendly matches against London teams as well as the usual fixtures listed above. He’s even mentioned getting Pilgrims’ Face App sorted and a WhatsApp  page!
Hope to see you on court in the coming season.