Won 62 – 17

Pilgrims XV v East India Club
17 November 2019

We arrived at Barn Elms for the game against the East India Club with an unusually balanced team and the luxury of five subs on a cold but cloudless mid-November afternoon. We started brightly and, despite Ed Day-Robinson unfortunately falling victim to what turned out to be a fractured shoulder blade, ran in five first half tries with Alex Cattle particularly dangerous on the right wing. Their sole score of the first half was courtesy of James Capel, who, loaned to them for a stint as they only had 14 men, pounced on Max Allen’s telegraphed pass thrown after he had bamboozled three defenders with his trademark step. The second half continued in the same vein with five more Pilgrims tries until our opponents then mustered some momentum, aided by three Pilgrims substitutes, to hit back with two late consolation scores. The final score of 62-17 in our favour was fully reflective of the Pilgrims’ dominance and leaves us in a good place ahead of our ‘winter break’ before the next game at the beginning of February.