Saturday May 11 v The School ( 50 overs) at Sherborne.(james Vitali and Charlie Taylor)

Sunday June 2 v Radley rangers at Radley. (By invitation)

Sunday June 16 v Bradfield Waifs ( First round Cricketer Cup) at Bradfield. (By invitation)

Sunday June 23 v Hampshire Hogs at Warnford.(Charlie Taylor and Robin Irving)

Saturday June 29 v The School (T20) at Sherborne (3.00pm start). (Alastair Pusinelli and Alex Pusinelli)

Cricket week: ( all matches managed by Ferg Taylor)

Sunday July 7  :  T20 Tournament at Bryanston.

Monday July 8 v Sherborne Town CC at Sherborne(2pm).

Tuesday July 9 v MCC at Sherborne.

Wednesday July 10 v Bryanston Butterflies at Bryanston.

Thursday July 11 v Clayesmore Cormorants at Sherborne.

Friday July 12 v Canford Cygnets at Canford.

Sunday July 21 v Old Wellingtonians at Wellington.( Tom Kerridge and Tom Gibbs).

Sunday August 11 v Marlborough Blues at Marlborough.( Charlie Carline and Will Smibert).

Sunday August 18 – T20  Tournament at Harrow ( 10.30am). ( James Francis)

Sunday September 1 v Eton Ramblers at Eton. (Alastair Pusinelli and Alex Pusinelli).

Note: All start times at 11.30am unless stated otherwise.

Match Managers:

Charlie Carline: 07968703046.

James Francis: 07776 312919.

Tom Gibbs: 07594 214704.

Rob Irving : 07427582101.

Tom Kerridge: 07917 688448

Alastair Pusinelli: 07936999946.

Alex Pusinelli : 07706626929.

Will Smibert: 07885706984.

Ferg Taylor : 07899792745.

Charlie Taylor: 07506738949.

James Vitali : 07815 481449 .