Bryanston Butterflies 265-5 dec;(F E Taylor 4-109);Pilgrims 118  (F E Taylor 56).Lost by 147 runs.


Following the disappointment of the cancellation of the previous day’s match against the MCC due to remarkably poor weather, we travelled to Bryanston eager to get back playing cricket. However, such was the volume of precipitation of the previous day that the square was too sodden for play to commence on time and so lunch was taken early and the start time pushed back. Because of the then damp square and outfield, skipper Fergus Taylor, having won the toss, decided to insert the opposition hoping that conditions throughout the day would become progressively better for batting, with sun forecasted in the afternoon. This was a reasonable plan, and indeed it manifested exactly so, but the Pilgrims were unable to capitalise on these favourable conditions with ball and then bat by firstly bowling so waywardly and then batting so poorly. Bryanston, albeit with some particularly memorable slices of luck, managed to acquire a respectable total of 265 off just over 50 overs. This, of course, was a very much attainable total, but, unfortunately, the Pilgrims simply did not apply themselves well enough to their chase with resistance only coming from Fergus Taylor (56) and Simon Walsh (31) in the middle order.