Won by 9 runs. Pilgrims 140; Marlborough Blues 131.

This was certainly quite a different match to the 600 run epic against the Old Wellingtonians of which the Pilgrims were a part the previous week. Winning the toss (F Taylor was absent due to rugby commitments hence the successful coin toss no doubt) captain Charlie Carline decided to have a bat. This, initially at least, looked like an excellent decision with the aforementioned captain notching up a tidy 45 and supported well by his opening partner Tom Gibbs who scored a steady 29. However, with the rest of the batsman scoring a combined total of 43 between them, a promising start resulted in a far below par total of 140.

However, we had a decent bowling side and had hope of wrestling a victory out of the game which is exactly what they did with a particularly archetypal ‘Sherby-squeeze’. With bowling figures of 3 for 45 from Harry Fielder, 3 for 35 from Tom Soanes, and 4 for 24 from Theo Grainzevelles the Pilgrims successfully bowled the Marlborough Blues out for 130. This was an excellent victory for the Pilgrims and one that will be remembered for a while!