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Annual Spring Supper. March 9 2019

The Pilgrims Annual Spring Supper took place in the Old School Room on Saturday March 9 2019 at 7.15pm.

In order to commemorate the memory of Charles Eglington who died in 2018 and who made such a vast contribution to the Pilgrims cause the Committee decided to inaugurate a cup to be known as  the ‘ Eglington Cup”  to be awarded to an individual who has made a notable contribution to Pilgrims sport.

The first such award was made by the President Ed Lyons to Jamie Snudden (see photo below) on March 9 2019 for his outstanding contribution to Pilgrims […]

Pilgrims Booklet 2018

The Pilgrims Booklet 2018, edited once again by Rob Hands, has now been published and can be accessed on this website. There is a full obituary to Charles Eglington (g,1956) who at the time of his death was a Trustee of the Club as well as a former Honorary Secretary  and  Past President. As usual there are full reports on all the Pilgrims sporting activities.You can view the 2018 Pilgrims Booklet (as a PDF) here:

Pilgrims Booklet_2018