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Saturday May 12 v The School at Sherborne

Lost 5-4.

From various corners of the UK (North Yorkshire, Wales, Sussex…) a Pilgrims team gradually emerged to face the School in its annual fixture in early May, taking place in near-perfect playing conditions.

The Pilgrims team comprised a healthy mix of experienced and youthful hands: David Leakey, Andrew Crowe, Chris Grant-Peterkin, Richard Bramble, Ed Leakey and James Sewry.  It also offered an equally healthy mix of recent practice .

Having refamiliarised ourselves with the grass, the early signs were promising, with the Pilgrims going 2-1 up after the first round of rubbers.  Early hopes were emboldened after the second […]

Charles Eglington- Thanksgiving service.

A Thanksgiving service for the life of Charles Eglington will be held on Monday July 9th 2018 at 11.30 in Sherborne Abbey.

On March 14th  2018 Charles’s funeral was held at St. Mary’s Church,Wimbledon when amongst a host of friends and relatives the Club was fully represented and Charles’s life celebrated with moving addresses being given by his brother Michael  and Adrian Watney, a long standing Pilgrim and family friend.

Pilgrims Booklet 2018

The Pilgrims Booklet 2018 , edited by Rob Hands, has now been published and can be accessed on this website. There is a full obituary to Charles Eglington (g,1956) who at the time of his death was a Trustee of the Club as well as a former Honorary Secretary  and  Past President. As usual there are full reports on all the Pilgrims sporting activities..



Pilgrims Booklet 2018

The Pilgrims Booklet 2018 has now been published and may be accessed on this website.

You can view the 2018 Pilgrims booklet (as a PDF) here:

Pilgrims Booklet_2018